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Maps and transport


The school is serviced by two bus services - South Dulacca with a North extension (P1001) and Jackson (P512). 

School Transport Assistance is available for children who live more than 3.2 kilometres by the shortest trafficable route from the nearest primary school.  Families may be eligible for conveyance allowance if they drive their children to school or to a bus service.  Conditions and application forms may be obtained from the Queensland Transport Department.

Children are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour and safety on the bus. 

A designated bus zone exists at the eastern entrance of the school grounds.

Each bus route has a Conveyance Committee which meets at advertised times through the year.

Bus duty

Children on all buses are supervised in the afternoon until bus arrival.  Students who arrive at school on a bus prior to 8.30am are supervised by staff.  All students who do not arrive at school via bus must arrive after 8.30am.

Variation to student departure routine

Please advise your bus driver and the school, if there is a variance to your child’s departure from school on any day.

Bus times

P1001 Dulacca North​ P512 Jackson​ P1001 Dulacca South​
​Arrives at school 8.35am​ 7.55am​ 8.16am​
​Departs from school 3.00pm​ 3.42pm​ 3.20pm​

Bus contacts

​Bus route Driver​ Contact details​
P1001​ Mrs Bell​ Mobile 0428 276319​
​P512 Mr Brown​ Mobile 0418 192631​